'20 Chicken Greats'

Compilation of 3 great 'Laughin' Bones' classic projects;'We Do Chicken Rights', Chicken A' la King, and 'Lay, Lady, Lay' which contain parodies of the Grateful Dead, Elvis, and Bob Dylan - written to glorify the incredible chicken - an animal which can be consumed before they're born and after they're dead!

Don't ask why we did it; it just had to be done!

Uncle John's Beek
Friend Of The Deviled Egg
Chicken Magnolia
Dire Chicken
Me And My Chicken
Henhouse Rock
Above Me
Henhouse Hotel
Perdue Chicken
Hen Dog
Blue Suede Barbeque
Are You Boneless Tonight?
Chicken Tenders
To Be Barbequed
Positively Foul Street
Lay Lady Lay
All Around The Henhouse
Rainy Day Chickens
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